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Meditation mindfulness

During Inner Health week at Barefoot we committed to daily meditations to see the effect and feedback to our Barefoot community our different perspectives. Here they are: BEN: Specs: 10 minutes/day of meditation…led by a guided youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0EQEiecSxs When? Before I saw any clients every day (Tuesday to Saturday) Benefits: Over the past week I […]

Cherelle’s Granola

We’ve had a few requests for this one: My Granola recipe that I brought in to share with the Barefoot team during our Inner Health Week I make it different every time but roughly: 2 cups of raw rolled oats 1 cup raw, unsalted, roughly chopped mixed nuts (of your choice) 1 cup shredded coconut (optional) 1/2 […]

Marg Bridgeford – Eat… Think… Heal.

When we look at Marg we see a Barefooter… living a Barefoot Lifestyle – health, vocation, making the world a better place and surrounding herself with people she loves. She is a picture of health and has an amazing zest for life. We wanted Marg to share with us how she manages to stay healthy whilst […]

Mmmmm lemony goodness!

Hey everybody, In light of Inner Health Week at Barefoot last week, I wanted to post a couple of recipes to help stress the importance of nutrition on a healthy mind. Eating healthy not only helps the body feel better but can also have a huge impact on your mental well-being and attitude. Lemon has always […]

Let’s talk!

It’s Inner Health Week at Barefoot – so we’re talking communication and appreciation. So while we may all speak the same language… sometimes we’re just not ‘speaking the same language’. At Barefoot we have as part of our Code of Honour to use effective communication styles for each Barefoot team member and all clients. We ensure […]

Splendour in the Mud!

I’ve been to my fair share of festivals around the world (Glastonbury, Running of the Bulls, La Tomatina, Isle of Wight, Gentlemen of the Road, Blues Fest.. to name a few..) but after Splendour in the Grass this year I realised I am not as young as I used to be… Splendour in the Grass […]

Magic hands… and fingers!

We’re a pretty musical bunch down here at the Blue House… Cherelle is off at Splendour as I’m writing this and Sal and I are busy practising our sweet tunes to play for her when she gets back (we’re thinking Blur but are open to requests). We thought you might want to hear more about […]

Not so happy in my hoodie!

The people that know me well know I’m a serial hermit crab when it comes to Winter clothes. (Hermit crab: Salvages empty seashells – aka jumpers – to protect them from predators – aka the cold). Ie: all my Winter clothes are hand-me-downs. Main reasons: 1 – I don’t like clothes shopping 2 – I am […]

How much does your esky weigh?

Living in Brisbane, we are lucky enough to camp almost year round (as long as we have a fire to keep us warm in the winter months!). Most often we drive a few hours from the city and set up for a good 2-3 days where there are no shops & no phone reception. This […]