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Looking for the best physio near Indooroopilly? Barefoot can help. Located a mere hop skip and jump over the bridge in Tennyson, Barefoot Physiotherapy regularly help our Indooroopilly locals with sports injuries, women’s health physio and back and neck pain treatment.

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Good health and movement is imperative to your quality of life, and far too often we don’t realise just how important being physically fit and mobile is until something goes wrong. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a parent or simply getting through your day, you depend on your physical health and wellness to live a fulfilling and productive life.

Barefoot Physiotherapy provides holistic physio services to help you maintain good health, and recover from any aches or pains whether they be from sport or health related injuries. Our holistic methods look beyond the immediate physical area and address your overall physical alignment to ensure your injuries and any secondary, or in some cases primary issues are treated.

Leaders in sports physio

Our team of dedicated physiotherapists understand how important exercise and freedom of movement is for living your lifestyle, and are experienced in treating sports injuries. Our sports clinic treatments are tailored to you and your individual needs to help you regain movement, strength and confidence in both your sporting and everyday life.

Our qualified practitioners place high importance on understanding the body in its entirety, and work with you to look beyond your immediate sporting injury to assess any underlying causes or weaknesses that may have contributed to your injury. Often what presents as the main concern is actually a symptom of an issue elsewhere in the body, and without treating the body in a holistic sense you risk repeating your injury once you’re back up and running.

Indooroopilly Pregnancy Physiotherapy

Pregnancy is an incredible time of life, and with so many changes going on in your body and lifestyle it’s only natural that the body will start to show the effects of stress and hormonal adjustments. Taking precautionary steps to keep your body aligned and in good condition throughout your whole pregnancy can help reduce the impact of added weight on your back and joints. You demand a lot of your body during pregnancy, so doing everything you can to ensure your body is prepared and supported is vital. Our team of practitioners are experienced in musculoskeletal assessments and will work with you to develop a treatment plan to get you in the best possible shape before pregnancy, and to maintain your mobility and recovery during and after. 

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