Annie Barefooter Story

Annie’s Barefooter Story

Annie is as sunny and positive as she is calm and quiet. She’s a delightful presence to have in the clinic and you can’t help but feel better after spending time with her. Annie is passionate about many things and her values are seeped into every aspect of her florist business which we love. Therefore, Caitlin recently sent through some questions to Annie so you can all get to know this superstar Barefooter a bit better.

Annie Barefooter

I truly love spending time in nature, visiting gardens and just being around plants and flowers; it really nourishes me as a person. Most of my summers growing up were spent very happily harvesting food and flowers from my Yia Yia’s (Greek grandmother’s) garden. She was an actual wizard at just knowing instinctually how to make things grow their best. And I worked as a wedding photographer capturing love for many years before realising how much time I focused on the flowers in my work; eventually it clicked that I should be doing the botanical sculpture for events so I went and studied to become a florist and started my own business Branch and Sea.

River and Leaf are border collie cross kelpie and cattle dog respectively. They are 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 and are a huge part of my life and have completely reshaped how I live my life in a big way. Taking care of two rescue dogs with their own individual fears and anxieties from their past is a big responsibility that I don’t take lightly. And my husband and I are constantly learning new ways to best support their mental health to be the happiest pups and give them the best life that they deserve. Every day is a new opportunity for me in thinking – how I can give them their best day today. 

Annie Barefooter Story

Going to the beach, meditating, swimming and camping completely rejuvenate me as a person. 

I have so many! But the first one that comes to mind would be visiting the redwood and sequoia forests in Northern California. But a close second would be seeing the arrival of Monarch butterflies arrive in central Mexico at the end of their 3000 mile migration.

To check out Annie’s AMAZING work follow the link here.

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