Caitlin Sargent

Caitlin is passionate about Barefoot’s mission – empowering people to confidently live the life they choose.

Achieving this looks different for every person and Caitlin understands the importance of individualised care. She works hard to ensure all of her treatment is tailored to her client’s needs and she is committed to meeting people where they are at and going on a journey with them. She has a strong focus on self-management and long-term injury prevention. This includes helping build an appropriate team around each client to ensure their best care.

Caitlin’s most rewarding client experiences are when her clients tell her they can now do things they haven’t done in years. In fact, Caitlin loves a challenge and enjoys working with clients who have struggled with pain and stiffness for a long-time. She is particularly interested in finding the underlying cause to recurring problems to help people do things they never dreamt their body to be capable of. She thrives on seeing the transformation a happy, healthy body can make to overall quality of life.

Through her own experiences as an elite track athlete, Caitlin knows how empowering it is to be healthy and strong. She loves combining her coaching background with her physio skills to improve sporting performance and prevent injuries for athletes at all levels. From her own experiences, Caitlin has a particular interest in running and Olympic lifting however she is excited to work with anyone working towards a physical activity goal.

Despite her personal passion for sport, Caitlin loves treating vibrant and passionate people from all walks of life and is a strong advocate for inclusive healthcare for everyone. Since starting at the Red Brick House in 2016, Caitlin has really enjoyed becoming immersed in the diverse community that is Barefoot. She is passionate about holistic health care for everyone.

Now that Caitlin is retired from elite track and field, when she’s not working you can find her spending time with her Basset Hound Humphrey, experimenting in the kitchen and continuing her involvement in athletics in a mentoring role.

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Caitlin finishes treating clients 19th April 2024 – she will then be on Maternity leave and then working in a Senior training-only role until 2026