Daniel Jang

Daniel appreciates that everyone is different and that we all experience pain in a different ways. He also recognises that every person is unique and that no one type of treatment works the same for everyone. He is always open to new ideas and eager to work alongside you to achieve your physiotherapy goals.

Daniel believes that “motion is lotion” and that movement helps to restore not just bodily function but also confidence. He aims to find and address the root cause of your problem and work with you every step of the way. Daniel upholds the Barefoot philosophy regarding holistic, client-centred treatment and is passionate about optimising movement, returning to function and focussing on prevention of further related issues.

As your physiotherapist, Daniel will work with you to understand and treat your musculoskeletal issues by building a collaborative partnership between Physiotherapist and client. Daniel aims to do this by building trust while listening to what you feel and experience throughout your journey. He will empower you with relevant information needed for the management of your musculoskeletal problem and build your confidence with self-management strategies. He will focus on preventative management after your goal is achieved to minimise the occurrences of future flare ups.

Daniel grew up in Australia and South Korea and worked as a dancer. Daniel enjoys urban hip hop dancing, working out at the gym, reading online articles, karaoke and watching movies.

He is also fluent in Korean and on the weekends tutors Korean to native English speakers.

You might bump into him in South Bank Park or in the West End markets on the weekends with his partner Megs.

Dan’s Barefooter Story