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Postnatal Physiotherapy

Postnatal care is an important part of physiotherapy; as helping a mother regain control of their body and understand the changes that they have undergone is vital to an effective return to their pre -pregnancy self.  Empowering people to be their own health champion and live their Barefoot lifestyle is one of the pillars of our physiotherapy approach . If you are experiencing any discomfort post pregnancy, you may benefit from seeing a Barefoot Physiotherapist for pregnancy physio services. Whether you are 2 weeks or 4 months post-partum it is important to ensure your body is strong and able to support you throughout the joys of motherhood.

Common postnatal changes to your body:

After giving birth you may experience some of the following concerns; urinary incontinence (or leakage), a heavy feeling in your pelvic region, an inability to return to some of your favourite exercises without discomfort (running, jumping, heavy lifting), over active or underactive pelvic floor and rectus diastasis (abdominal separation).  A physiotherapy assessment can help determine your best course of treatment to help resolve these issues and return you to your normal or an improved level of function. 


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What your Postnatal Physiotherapy session will include:

  1. Your Barefoot Physiotherapist will sensitively listen to your concerns and come up with an assessment and treatment plan to address your issue.
  2. The initial assessment will utilise Barefoot’s plan and test for any nerve irritation, reduced movement range, muscle tightness and joint stiffness. It will also be tailored to your individual concern and if applicable may include an external pelvic floor assessment, exercise review and rectus diastasis measurement.
  3. Your treatment will utilise best practice guidelines and include a combination of hands on treatment, exercise prescription and advice and education.
  4. At the conclusion of the session your Barefoot Physiotherapist will email you a summary of your session and your home program to ensure you are able to help manage your symptoms between sessions.

Book with Barefoot for Postnatal Physiotherapy

If you or someone else is experiencing  pain or discomfort associated with pregnancy we can help assess and determine your best course of treatment. Book in with Barefoot today by calling us on 1300 842 850.

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