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Prenatal Physiotherapy

As an expectant mother you may be experiencing various discomforts; whether this is baby number one or three your body will be constantly adapting over the course of your pregnancy. If you are experiencing  any pain or discomfort associated with pregnancy or have any questions about your changing body, you may benefit from a prenatal physiotherapy consultation. Barefoot Physiotherapy can help you address your symptoms and be as comfortable as possible throughout your pregnancy with our leading pregnancy physio services.

What to Expect at a Barefoot Prenatal Physiotherapy Appointment:

  1. Your Physiotherapist will address your individual concern and determine whether Physiotherapy is your best course of treatment or if your GP or Obstetrician needs to be consulted.
  2. If your pain or discomfort is musculoskeletal in nature we will then run through our Barefoot Plan; to work out the cause of your symptoms.
  3. The Barefoot Plan includes testing for any nerve irritation, movement restriction, muscular tightness or joint stiffness.
  4. We don’t do any internal examinations; we have thorough assessment techniques that we use. And if we deem that an internal examination is necessary, we may refer you to a trusted colleague.
  5. After an assessment your Physiotherapist will develop a treatment plan; which will likely consist of a combination of hands on treatment, exercise prescription or modification and advice and education.
  6. Dependent upon what trimester you are in, your session may also include a pelvic floor external assessment and if needed instruction on how to increase your strength control to prepare your body for childbirth. This could include exercises, breathing control and extra support options i.e. tummy tights.
  7. At the conclusion of your appointment we will email you a summary of  your session with your home exercise program and any education to help you manage your symptoms at home, between appointments. If you have any questions or concerns between your sessions your Barefoot physiotherapist will be contactable by email or the clinic phone.

What to do next:

If this sounds like the type of Physiotherapy you are searching for please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you or someone else is experiencing  pain or discomfort associated with pregnancy we can help assess and determine your best course of treatment. Book in with Barefoot today by calling us on 1300 842 850 or using the book online link on our website.

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