Hi all, Sal here. Tying in with Caitlin’s blogs on being active in pregnancy I would like to share 5 great tips for once you’re home with bub. We love providing antenatal and postnatal musculoskeletal physiotherapy, keeping you in the best musculoskeletal state means you can enjoy this great time as much as possible. It is such an amazing part of your life and these tips have helped quite a few of the amazing women that we have taken care of.

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1 – Tubigrip. Wear your tubigrip (we stock this in the clinic for mums to be be) during the third trimester and after birth. It helps to support the tummy and helps rectus diastasis (prevention and recovery).

2 – Breastfeeding positions. Choose positions that are good for you and bub. We know this is not a straight forward thing but we often see mums with strain building up in their bodies from breast feeding positions. Pillows are your friend! Use as many as you need to be comfortable (especially in the early days when the feed can take longer). Your physio can help you with this.

3 – Water bottles. Have at least five water bottles around the house ready to go, you will find you get ‘stuck’ in a place with bub for all different reasons (feeding, soothing etc) and having a water bottle in reach makes it so much easier to get the water you need. Remember breast milk is 87% water.

4 – Rest. Lie down as much as possible in the first 1-2 weeks after bub arrives for optimal tissue healing. This is for all types of delivery. Yes you will be up and doing things a lot but make sure you make time for you to be resting as you have just been through a major body event.

5 – Exercise. We advise gentle walks only until you check in with your physio. Ideal check in time with your physio post birth we find to be 2 weeks.

And know that at all time our Barefoot Team is here to help… at home or at the clinic. Call or email and we can talk through your concerns.