Hi everyone, Hannah here again.  You might not know, but I’m a huge soccer fan.  It’s my sport and as a soccer player, I’ve had my fair share of ankle injuries and have also seen plenty! The great thing is that they don’t have to be an issue forever, or every time you play. Working together to create a management plan and rehab program, you can forget about needing an ankle brace or tape and be confident on your ankles!

Your injury

Just after an ankle sprain or roll, it is common that there is pain with walking (or putting your weight through that foot), swelling around the area and sometimes bruising. Here are some things you can do day 1 of injury:

  • Crutches may be useful for the first day or before you see a physio, because your walking mechanics can become quite different
    • This will also take away a major aggravating factor for your injured ankle and give it time to start the healing process without being under more threat
  • A compression bandage (tubigrip) will help to keep the swelling from pooling and give some light support
    • Other support options without immobilizing the ankle include taping, which a physio can do for you, or a temporary brace
  • Pain free movements – if it is not painful to do small foot pumps while sitting, then it is good to keep these movements going
  • Elevating the foot above the heart will help to get the fluids into circulation – lying back on your couch or bed, with the leg and foot propped on pillows is a good position

Special Tests

Physiotherapists have special tests to be able to determine if it is a ligament injury, soft tissue injury or bony injury. Once we complete these, we will know if it is necessary to refer you for medical imaging such as an x-ray (to check for bone injuries) or an MRI (to check for ligament injuries). Most acute ankle injuries can be dealt with using conservative management (meaning you most likely won’t need a scan!).

Treatment Plan

Our treatment plan will include other exercises you can do in the first couple days. We’ll also give you guidance on load management to ensure that we keep you on the right track of doing enough but not too much. Then we’ll progress you through being able to put all your weight through the leg to get back to normal walking. How you’re feeling pain and our movement measures are used to determine the progression of exercises. We work towards your goal of getting you back to your sport!

Are you injured?

Do you need some specialist help with your injury?  If so, please feel free to get in touch with us!  It’s as easy as giving us a call for a quick chat.  If it’s determined from talking with you that you do need treatment, we can of course book you in.