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Questions by Britt

It is always great to chat to you and hear your passion about helping improve people’s lives. What led to you becoming a peer support person and can you tell us a bit about what your job entails?  

What led me to my current career as Peer support worker was that both my mother and myself suffered mental health issues. I wanted to be able to support people from a non-judgemental place to help them through their recovery.  I have had my own addiction and mental health struggles and my role allows me to role model recovery and give patient and families hope.

Barefooter story

On top of the amazing job you are doing you have recently undertaken a University degree. What made you want to study Social Work and what is your goal career position? 

Since working for Queensland Health and in the mental health sector I wanted to learn more and be able to make more of an impact, so I decided at the age of 37years to start uni and become a Social worker! Social work will allow me to inject my knowledge, skills, and life experience in many areas in social justice and human services. Another main driver of wanting to become a Social worker is for my kids when we have them.

Outside of being a super awesome professional we know you love travelling, what has been one of our favourite holidays and why?  

I have to say my favourite place was New Zealand. I loved the weather, wine, food and everywhere you look it’s just beautiful.  My wife and I are yet to travel to Tasmania, and this are definately one place on our bucket list. We love the cold, fireplaces, red wine and getting in touch with nature.

Barefooter story

And finally; can you share how special your wedding day was to you

I never thought I’d ever get the opportunity to marry someone until the laws changed so I kinda resided to the fact I’d never really find my soul mate. When Louise came into my life everything changed, for the first time I felt complete,  like the other part of me was finally here. We both wanted a winter wedding which we had in the Hunter Valley in July. Red wine, fire pits, family friends and my soul mate, it was the most incredible day of my life.

Barefooter story
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