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Kathryn is such a lovely smiling face in the clinic and has a depth of character that means the more you peel the onion back the better she gets! Have a read of her answers to Caitlin’s questions 🙂

You’re originally from Canada but have called Aus home for a long time now. What are the biggest differences you notice, what do you love most about Australia and what do you miss from Canada (I know breakfast cereal is top of that list!)?

Definitely food. I miss the variety, especially in snacks. I’m not really a snack person, so when I do feel like something, I’m very particular. But more seriously, I miss the mountains and lakes. I grew up in Alberta and British Columbia and my best memories are snowboarding, hiking, camping, late afternoon swims at the lake, exploring the creeks, bonfires at the river with friends & family. I think we’re so tired of being cooped up all winter, as soon as there is any warmth we go outside as much as possible. The thing i love most about Australia is the outdoors too. I love the beach, and am happy to go anytime of the year. Hiking is also pretty good here too, as there is a huge variance in what type of terrain, or forest, and you can also do it most of the year. Sadly, hiking is something I have had to limit, hopefully just for the time being though.

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Speaking of hiking – what is your favourite hike you’ve done and are there any particular hikes on your wishlist?

I’m working on getting back to hiking. I had begun training to do some overnight hikes. I was doing some longer distance hikes, and had done a few solo camping trips, to just get into that mindset. I was doing the Kangaroo Point stairs every day as well. I injured myself before my plans eventuated, but I am beginning to think about it again. I would love to do some hikes in Tasmania. And parts of the West Coast Trail in Canada/USA. I’m unlikely to ever get back to where I was planning to be, but we’ll see…Basically, any trip I did overseas revolved around hiking, and I hope to do that again. Arizona & Utah have some amazing spots. I cannot wait to go back. Locally, I used to go out every day to Mount Coolum or Mount Ngungun for exerciseand every weekend I would usually go do a new hike. One of my favourite ones in the past few years was Mount Warning. Lately I have only managed flatter, easier walks…getting there!

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In a past life, you ran a business making custom motorbike seats. Tell us more about that and some of the cool people you met through it.

This kind of randomly happened. Feels like another life. My husband at the time wanted a bicycle seat for this custom bike he had. I know how to sew, and am good with making things, so we made a seat. Then since I figured out one, I thought I would do more and sell them. That lead to motorcycle seats. We began a process that was very long and dedicated, and we managed to make design for a sought after top-quality replica seat for a very niche market of vintage choppers. It is a great scene, with tons of amazing people. We got to travel to LA and Japan and few times for trade shows & motorcycle shows. I still keep up with a few friends we met from Malaysia & USA. Being in Australia is harder, since the scene is quite small here, but we met some amazing people, and I don’t regret a moment of that crazy work. I miss the creativity and ingenuity that work required of me. I miss being my own boss. It was hard, but rewarding.

You recently spent 2 days cooking up a Mexican feast for your own birthday party – can you tell us more about your cooking and what else you like to make?

I love mexican food (or american-mexican). I like making as much from scratch as I can, time permitting. Otherwise, when my body allows, I used to love to bake too. I have been getting into that a bit more. I love how learning new techniques help your other baking. Once you learn how sugar behaves, for example, you can trouble shoot in other recipes. I have my perfect pie crust recipe down, and have moved onto macarons lately. Which still turn out differently every time I try them! (that’s the fun part). Baking goes on hold over the summer though, it’s too hot!


You have solid experience with injury, could you share a lesson around this?

I’ve had some rough patches in my life, with 3 injuries each taking years to recover from. But each time I have come to a place where I find new activities I love, even if it means giving up something due to injury. I gave up running for hiking & baking, and now I am working though that process again. I’ve given up bootcamps for rest and slower movement. I think anything can become a new normal, even if it’s not what you had planned you can grow to love it.

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