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Breast and bottle feeding positions

At Barefoot Physiotherapy we have noticed a recent influx of pregnant ladies seeking us out for the aches and pains associated with pregnancy and for guidance remain as healthy and strong as possible throughout their pregnancy. One thing I often get asked is what positions are going to be best to feed their new baby in; whether that is breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

As a higher percentage of our pregnant mum’s develop discomfort and pain in the mid to lower back region it is important that you have a comfortable breast feeding position to alleviate any unnecessary discomfort and for your long term back health.

There is no one best ‘realistic’ position for bottle or breast feeding your baby. So below are some tips and strategies on how to minimise any upper or lower body aches in sitting or lying positions.

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General Tips:

  • Important to bring baby to breast rather than bring breast to baby.
  • Check body isn’t twisted and shoulders are relaxed.
  • Keep a glass of water nearby because once baby starts feeding you may be holding the position for a decent time.
  • Try and take quick position breaks when your baby takes a break to burp.

Breast Feeding/ Bottle Feeding Positions in Sitting:

  • Firm and supportive chair (be able to relax into chair to support lumbar curve).
  • Upper part of body resting against back of chair, one foot on footstool on side you are feeding from.
  • If you are feeding in a chair that reclines, limit the time spent in it or use pillows to support the lower back region.
  • Once baby has started feeding place a pillow underneath your baby for more cushioning and to take pressure off your upper body.

Breast Feeding/ Bottle Feeding Positions in Lying:

  • Try and lye on your side with a pillow under your head and between knees and baby lying next to you.
  • Try not to turn neck too far towards baby rather once baby has latched on keep your head and neck in a neutral position.

If you or anyone you know of is experiencing any pregnancy associated pains, muscle joint or possible nerve irritation please contact us. We can determine if it is a musculoskeletal issue before having to see a GP. We are open 5 days a week and a couple Saturdays a month. We have early and late appointments available. Please call us at 1300 842 850 or Click here to book an appointment.

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