There’s no doubting that a good night’s sleep is integral to overall good health. However getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult if we are uncomfortable. It’s no surprise then, that a question we often get asked is “How do I choose a good pillow?”. While there is no one best pillow for everyone, there are some simple guidelines you can keep in mind, to best help you pick a pillow that will keep your body happy (unfortunately we can’t guarantee a good sleep!)

It seems obvious – but the only way to know if a pillow is a good match for you, is to test it out! The best way to do this, is to go somewhere where there are a few different pillow and mattress options.

  1. You want to find a mattress that feels like a similar firmness to your own. If the mattress is significantly softer or firmer than your mattress at home, this will effect how your whole body is supported and can change what pillow is appropriate
  2. Gather a variety of pillow options and test them out – it is best to try a range of options (ie thick and fluffy, through to thin and firm and a few different materials) to give you an idea of what works. Then you can narrow down your search from there
  3. The most important part – actually working out if a pillow is right for you or not. Your body will tell you what it does and does not like, you just have to know how to listen! The best way to do this is to lie as close to your normal sleeping position as possible, then feel your neck muscles. You want to feel from the base of your skull down to your shoulder, on both sides of your neck. Happy muscles will be soft and squishy (rather than tense or ropey). You want to pick the pillow that gives you the softest neck muscles because this means they are the most relaxed and should keep your neck comfortable through the night

If you are struggling to find a position or pillow that gets your neck relaxed, see a Musculoskeletal Physio who can make sure your body is moving unrestricted and give you the best chance of a comfortable sleep. I hope we answered ‘how do I choose a good pillow?’…  If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.