Get to know the Barefoot Team – Physio Caitlin D’s Barefooter Story

1 – What’s your favourite activity outside of work and how does it help you live your Barefoot Lifestyle ?  

I always love reading books! I have found it a very effective strategy to help my brain relax and reset with some quiet time. This sets me up perfectly to engage more fully in whatever other activities I need to do for the day, or wind down after a big day.

2 – What is your favourite movement activity, how long have you been doing it for and how does it foster your health and wellbeing journey?  

Cliched, but true – walking with my dog. She gets so excited by it, which makes me excited too. I’m not the biggest fan of exercising on my own and she makes such good company 😉 Plus she is always up for a game of tag and playtime.

3 – What is one of your favourite memories and how did it shape who “Caitlin” is today?  

More so a general cluster of memories for me: growing up in a semi-rural 40-acre property. Growing up in such a beautiful environment with so much space kept me busy outside, giving me a huge appreciation for nature. It also gave me the opportunity to be surrounded by so many beautiful animals (pets, livestock, and wildlife).

I had days where I would get in the pool before breakfast and spend the entire day swimming with my siblings – only to emerge to eat breakfast, lunch, then dinner. There would be periods in summer where my blonde hair turned slightly green from being in the chlorinated pool so much!

4 – If you could choose your dream holiday, would you prefer an international or local destination? And what has been your favourite holiday so far? 

Gonna go with the classic Europe trip with the addition of Canada (so picturesque!)

Favourite holiday so far: spending 2 weeks travelling around Tasmania

5 – What made you want to become a Physiotherapist and so far what has been your favourite moment as a physio?  

I started out my uni life studying biomedical science and just got so interested in my anatomy/physiology courses. Anatomy interest + wanting to help others = physiotherapy! A little quote I heard years ago also sticks with me: “If doctors save lives, then a physiotherapist makes it worth living”

My favourite moment so far is when I see a client get so excited by changes made during treatment that exceeds their expectations. I love hearing “I can do this activity now!” or “I can do this again!”

Bonus Question: you always have amazing plaits and braids, who taught you to do your hair?

Myself – through trial and error. I like having long hair, but I like to keep it out of my face – hence the braids

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