Barefoot Physiotherapy Brisbane, take time to talk to our clients to get to know you and understsand your personal goals and results you want to achieve.

Barefoot – Brisbane Physio with a Difference

This year Barefoot Physiotherapy is celebrating 10 years as a Brisbane based physio clinic, helping you to achieve your rehab and lifestyle goals. So, who is Barefoot and what makes us ‘physio with a difference?’

What makes Barefoot Physiotherapy – Brisbane Physio with a difference?

That would be our Barefoot Physiotherapy plan! This is a 10-step framework that ensures a thorough, systematic, and holistic approach to your assessment and treatment. The aim of a holistic, whole-body assessment and treatment approach is to find and treat the underlying cause of your presentation. Even through your symptoms appear in one area, this does not mean that the root cause of the problem can be found in that immediate vicinity; hence a whole-body approach. With this approach, our goal is to provide not only symptomatic relief, but sustainable, long-term results with an individualised treatment plan. Truly Brisbane Physio with a difference.

Our comprehensive assessment will include checking:

  • Movements
  • Nerves
  • Muscles
  • Ligaments

Treatment framework: Barefoot Physio with a difference

Barefoot Plan
Barefoot Physiotherapy Treatment Plan

To be Brisbane Physio with a difference, first up, we need to understand your story – your background, circumstances, and goals. We also screen for any indications that you might need additional investigations or input from other health professionals. Our first appointment also typically focusses on identifying if there is any nerve irritation within your body that may contribute to your overall clinical picture (whether this is tightness, pain, reduced movement/mobility, etc.). For more information about nerve irritation, see here – what is nerve irritation.

When we are assessing for nerve irritation, we are looking at neurodynamics (literally “nerve movement”); we are assessing how well nerve tissue moves. Our nerves are built to be able to slide and glide throughout our body as we move through our full ranges of movement. Oftentimes our neurodynamics can be restricted due to traumatic injury or accumulative strain. This can contribute towards pain or tightness as a protective response, stopping us from achieving our full range of movement or allowing our muscles/joints to optimally function. This is why it can sometimes be hard for treatment to ‘stick’ if we don’t first treat our nerves.

What Does Nerve Treatment Look like?

Well, commonly at Barefoot this may include gentle joint treatment, muscle releases, postural/ergonomic retraining, and other personalised advice specific to your presentation.

Once nerve irritation is resolved we want to perform a whole-body assessment in conjunction with a systematic testing process. This process involves looking at the movements, muscles, and joints of your entire system to identify the primary cause of your condition; which we can treat and teach you how to manage for yourself. At this point we will discuss tune up sessions spaced at increasing intervals to treat any additional strain that creeps in; and progress management strategies as appropriate to help you keep achieving your goals and living your Barefoot Lifestyle!

We specialise in Individualised Care

Barefoot Physio Individual Care
Barefoot- Brisbane Physio with a difference

You are unique. No person ever uses their body in exactly the same way as another – we have different jobs, hobbies, lifestyles, and movement patterns. Our systematic testing process ensures we identify the important areas to treat for YOUR body to help get you moving well and living your best Barefoot life.

You are the most important member of your healthcare team. Our goal is to work in  partnership with you to help you achieve the treatment, results, and goals you want. We are excited to help you!

It is also important to us that you receive collaborative and cohesive healthcare, with all members of your healthcare team working together. With your permission, we can communicate with other members on your team to let them know where you are at with physio and offer any recommendations to help optimise your care and keep everybody on the same page!

If a systematic, holistic, and individualised treatment approach sounds like what you have been searching for, and you are looking for a Brisbane physio with a difference – book online or call us on 1300 842 850.

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