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Seraj’s Barefooter Story

When thinking about our wonderful Barefooter clients there’s generally quite a few shared attributes and one of them is a Zest For Life. A zest for life is something Seraj has in spades. He lights up any room he is in and always has a smile and a funny story to share whether that be a recent work story, one from his many hobbies or travel related. He also has a long list of passions to keep him chatting, but one thing that underpins it all is his love of movement and all things exercise. That’s where Physio comes in helping keep Seraj feeling his best so he can keep up with his very full schedule. He recently answered some questions from Britt, so keep reading to find out a bit more about what this Barefooter gets up to!

Living my best Barefooter lifestyle is about being able to do the daily activities I love and not worry about my lower back troubles. Things like being able to hike long distances where activities I took for granted. Plus the feeling post dry needles is also pretty incredible.

Seraj Barefooter

My favourite sport ever since I was a child has been AFL. Growing up in Melbourne, everyone at school was a Collingwood supporter and I had followed suit. Winning the premiership last year made 2023 one of the best years of my life. Being able to play it again socially has been extremely rewarding both mentally and physically.

I did my first ever international solo trip last year to Europe. The countries which I had visited were Norway, England, Sweden and Denmark. My favourite memory of the whole trip were the fjords in Norway. The place felt incredibly surreal. A close second though were the Tivoli Gardens in Denmark. 

My dream holiday destination is Norway again but I want to visit again during winter and experience the Northern Lights and get to swim with Wild Killer Whales.

On my days off theres two different things I love doing: going to the beach and trying different cuisines. At the moment I can’t get enough of trying different menu items from the Andonis cafe.

Seraj Barefooter
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