Jayde 4WD

Jayde – weekend adventurer and all round legend :)

Jayde is a hilarious pocket rocket that does some pretty cool things on the weekend. We love hearing all her stories so asked her to share a bit about her life with us. Questions by Sal

1 – Superstar Jayde! You have some sweet adventurous weekends… can you explain what VMR is and what you do in it?

VMR stands for Volunteer Marine Rescue, and our base is in Southport next to the SeaWorld Resort. I find the easiest way to describe what we do is like RACQ, but for boats. We provide towing to people who have broken down or run out of fuel or cannot return to their boat ramps due to any issues with their boats. We have also been involved in searches for missing people in co-ordinance with the Water Police. I’ve been with the organisation for about 10 years now and joined as I wanted to acquire more life skills. When I was growing up, our family had boats and I’ve always enjoyed being out on the water. The organisation is amazing as you learn so much through all their training modules about the waterways, how to operate a boat and lead a crew, and obviously about the boats themselves. About 8 years ago, VMR and the QLD ambulance Service joined forces for to create a role in the service for First Responders. The role was set out to provide a higher level of care until paramedics were able to arrive on scene. Obviously being out on the water, an ambulance cannot get to you quicker than on road, so these crew members are able to be dispatched for immediate care and then another crew transports the ambulance personnel to the scene of the accident. About 5 years ago, I joined the First Responder group and haven’t looked back since. I have also worked my way up to a VMR crew ranking of inshore skipper which meanss I can take a boat out with a crew on my own.  The knowledge and extra skills I have learned through both organisations have been paramount and I am thankful to be part of 2 awesome communities.

Jayde VMR

2 – Still on weekends and adventures, we know you’re a 4WDing maddog – can you tell us about a recent trip you did? (Where did you go, who did you go with and some highlights)

My first big annual trip last year was out through the Simpson Desert. 3 weeks on the road, 6300kms and the most amazing experiences. The family I travelled with have done the desert crossing about 8 times, so I have complete trust and faith in the awesome people I travel with. I started out from Brisbane and met up with everyone in Birdsville. We were in the desert for about 4 days before arriving into Kulgera (first and last pub in SA). Hot showers and a meal that we didn’t need to cook was very welcomed! From there I split from the group and headed out to Ayers Rock to go and experience all its magnificence. It was a very humbling experience to have it put into perspective just how tiny and fleeting we are in this world when you see this massive rock in the middle of nowhere. I met back up with the group and we then ventured north through Boggy Hole, Palm Valley, Hermannsburg and into Alice Springs. We spent 2 nights there and I visited the National Transport Hall of Fame. I work for a transport company so it’s amazing to see the heritage that logistics and trucks have in our country. From Alice Springs we headed up to Boulia then down through Bladensburg National Park and Winton into Longreach where I spent 2 days in the Stockman’s Hall of Fame. Another extremely humbling experience that makes you proud to be an Australian. From there it was homeward bound sadly. On our last day of travel, we witnessed 2 drover runs of cattle and after the extraordinary journey we had just completed, I had to fight back tears. After a big trip like that, it definitely takes you a week to get your headspace back to civilisation! Camping for me is an opportunity to leave behind the hustle of life, nothing beats a campfire and being surrounded by quality and likeminded people.

Jayde 4WD

3 – Now there is a special 4-legged creature in your life – Tell us about Chloe – what kind of dog is she, and what do you two get up to together?

I adopted Chloe 3 years ago from the QLD Staffy and Amstaff Rescue. She is 6 and a half years old and we believe an Amstaff X Bull Arab. She is the sweetest, gentlest dog and the biggest sook. She loves people and would lick you to death if she was given the chance! She loves camping with me, car rides and going on trips out to the beach, Bunnings or the pet shop (more cuddles). She has gotten me through some very dark days and knows exactly how to cheer me up when I need it. I promised her a life of love and adventure and I spoil her rotten – I always joke that she eats better than I do (which is true!). She always makes me laugh with her goofy antics, she loves to rough house with the cat and is always up for snuggles. She has the most amazing eyes, which I have found to be the most expressive as well. She’s taught me patience, a depth of love I didn’t know existed and to live in the moment. Nothing beats waking up to the wagging tail and her smiley, loveable face every morning!

Jayde doggo
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