Jacki’s Barefooter Story

Questions by Caitlin

A passion for anything health and fitness paired with a bubbly personality make Jacki a delight to have in the clinic and a great role model for living your Barefoot lifestyle!

1. Pre COVID you were regularly competing in Masters swimming, including National championships. Can you tell us more about how you got into that and what motivates you to keep going?

Before COVID hit and everything changed, I had been regular Master’s swimming competitor.  It all began when I turned 50 and was looking for a challenge.  I hadn’t swum competitively for 35 years, so that first time diving off the blocks to race was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time! The first competition I did was the National championships on the Gold Coast (I don’t like to do things by half!).  I came home with a medal and was hooked.  The many interesting and fun people I have met at the many swim meets I have been to around Australia is awesome.  It is a very inclusive place to compete, and really the best thing is beating yourself with a PB.  Since COVID a lot of our competitions have been cancelled, but I keep training for the fun of it and the friendships made at the pool.

2.  You also love lifting heavy in the gym which we love to see! Have you got any goals you’re currently eyeing off in the gym and what is about lifting heavy stuff that you like so much.

The arrival of COVID moved my focus to my other great exercise love, the gym.  I love lifting heavy, it gives me a sense of power and invincibility.  I am constantly surprised by how much weight I can move in a session, we are all much stronger than we think!  I am currently training for a strength testing day run at the PE DEPT, the gym I attend.  I am hoping for some PB’s, in the 3 lifts, back squat, bench press and deadlift.  Hopefully with all the help from my support crew, Caitlin at Barefoot, and the team of trainers I will get some joy!!  Of course as long as I lift well with good form I will be happy.

3.  In a former life you were a nurse, but more recently you have trained as a personal trainer and teach group classes, largely focusing on older populations. What drew you to that and what have you learned in the process?

It seems turning 50 prompts changes in your life!!  I studied and became a personal trainer as I approached 50, I have always loved anything to do with sport and exercise.  With a healthcare background it seemed the obvious step, to assist others to achieve fitness goals.  I currently specialise in the older age group fitness and run classes specifically aimed at older people.  It is a section of the community who are mostly overlooked by the fitness industry, but a group who needs it as much as others.  I love my old people (I can say that, cause I am old too) they have a great attitude and gain so much more from coming to the gym than the exercise alone.  There is the whole social aspect which can be as important if they live alone.  I am also involved in an exercise program for cancer survivors.  Just like the older age group this demographic can be left behind as well.  I have learned from both groups that most things are possible if you just get up and try!!

4.  Where is the first place you are headed once the world (safely) opens back up?

Once the world reopens, which hopefully is soon, I will be going to visit my son in Scotland, with a little side trip somewhere in Europe, depending on the time of year!

Beach time will have to do until Scotland!

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