I’m getting into exercise, but I haven’t exercised before. Where do I begin?

Our Barefoot plan brings our clients to step 10 which is ‘Living your Barefoot Lifestyle’, this includes being able to start new activities and try new things! You can also bring this up with us at any other step in the plan.

Exercise can be anything that you find enjoyable, that is the first step. Let’s find out what it is you like to do! That way, we can build smaller goals leading up to that main activity, sport, or exercise. We’ll start out with the first steps in the plan to ensure that your body is moving well and is happy with any range of motion that you may need for the type of exercise. Then we can introduce any motor control and initial strengthening to start increasing the tolerance of the nervous system,
muscles and joints.

For example, with wanting to start cycling, we’ll look at your hip and hamstrings ranges, and back range of motion. We’d want to introduce motor control for glutes, legs and trunk since each leg is doing something different in the motion of cycling. In sessions, we’d discuss starting a cycling program for what it would look like to start introducing this new activity and load on your body. You could even bring your bike in so that we could help fit it for you, to make sure your body is happy on it!

A very important part of starting something new, is knowing your body and listening to your body. There may be some aches and pains because you are challenging your body and nervous system in a brand-new way, this is normal. It has to adjust but it will adapt. Along the way, we’ll have found the best areas to treat in your body that keep it moving well, there will be regular check in’s at the physio so that this new load on the body doesn’t accumulate into something, but you’ll also have the tools to manage and prevent your own tight muscles!

If you would like to explore something new and just aren’t quite sure how your body would cope getting into exercise, why not book in with us for an assessment and discussion. At least that way you will know for sure how to move into your new exercise safely and confidently.  Just click here!