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Get to know the Barefoot Team- Physio Kelcie’s Barefooter Story

1 – What’s your favourite activity outside of work and how does it help you live your Barefoot Lifestyle ?  

When I am not at work, you can find me at the climbing gym. I love bouldering as it is a great way to move around and have fun at the same time. I also love that it reminds me that persistence and consistency pay off. There is a lot of falling off the wall, but you must pick yourself up and keep going. It is the best feeling to send a climb that you have been working hard to figure out!

2 – We know that bodies love to move, what do you enjoy to do movement-wise?

I am happiest when I am moving, so most of my favourite things to do are physically active. Rock climbing/bouldering is great as it is physically demanding but also requires problem solving skills to figure out the route. Running is how I relieve stress. My workouts at the gym and yoga allow me to keep up my form so I can continue to enjoy the activities I love.

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3 – What is one of your favourite memories and how did it shape who “Kelcie” is today? 

My love of travel and adventure began in 2006 on my first overseas trip to Thailand and Laos. It inspired me to see the world. I have travelled to several countries in Africa, Costa Rica, Singapore, the United States, and of course, Australia! I am always up for a new adventure and will likely try some sort of high adrenaline activity along the way, such as bungee jumping, sky diving, white water rafting… I’ll try anything!

4 – If you could choose your dream holiday, would you prefer an international or local destination? And what has been your favourite holiday so far? 

Australia is technically an international destination for me, so I would love to see all the amazing sights Australia has to offer. I would love to go to the Kimberleys and explore WA a little more. New Zealand is on the list as well!

My favourite holiday was in 2012 when I travelled through several countries in Africa for 6 weeks and camped. Nambia was one of my favourite countries to visit as the Namib desert in the south is incredible, especially at sunrise (and I’m not a morning person).

5 – What made you want to become a Physiotherapist and so far what has been your favourite moment as a physio?

I have worked in the fitness industry since 2011 and I started my own private personal training business in 2018. My focus as a trainer was building high quality and control of movement for my clients to make them more resilient. I worked with a lot of retirees who were looking to maintain their health and make the most of their retirement years. Business was just picking up for me at the gym in March of 2020, and then we all know what happened next. I needed a career that was more pandemic proof, so I used my downtime during the pandemic to complete the prerequisite courses I needed to get into physiotherapy school. I got into the University of Queensland and now I am a Physiotherapist in Australia!

One of the standout moments for me has been how much I enjoy working with my clients and hearing from them that I am in my element.

Bonus Question: We know you love your mountain sports! What is your favourite one and why?

Do I have to pick just one?!? Rock climbing may seem like the obvious choice, but I really love stand-up paddleboarding across mountain lakes. I love being on the water and usually it is quite relaxing to paddle across a lake, set up camp for a night on the other side, and paddle back in the morning.

Kelcie BF Story
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