The Barefoot Physiotherapy Plan

Discuss your Problems:

Our holistic therapy approach is based on a partnership between you and us. This starts by us truly knowing and understanding your story and why you have come to Barefoot for help.

We then use specific nerve and orthopaedic tests to determine our initial hands on treatment that starts you on the road to recovery, be it back pain physiotherapy or posture training.

As you progress we utilise our full body assessment and testing to determine the root cause of your problem. We then treat it, teach you how to treat it and teach you how to take care of it for now and the future.

Throughout this process we will incorporate postural retraining, strength work and individualised education to ensure you understand what is best for your body.

What You Need and Require:

Treatment doesn’t begin and end within the four walls of our clinic.

If you need us to assess your posture at your workplace, we’ll be there.   If you’d like us to collaborate with your personal trainer on which specific exercises to focus on (and avoid), we’re happy to help.

Working in with your broader “support team” is one of the best ways in which we can support you back to optimum health.

And if for any reason you’re not getting results, we’ll work with you to find alternatives. We’ll closely monitor your progress, with the goal of getting you out of pain and back doing what you love. Our success is measured by your results, nothing else.

We’ll Create a Treatment Plan for Current Pain and Underlying Cause

From the thorough assessment we compile a list of significant findings in your body. These findings relate to your joints, muscles and movements which can be linked to your nerves, thoughts and worries.

From the list, you and your therapist will prioritise which key findings to test first. These findings are tested by performing TDTs (Treatment-Direction-Tests) to the limited movements in your body. Most of the time, we find that that the underlying cause is not exactly where you are feeling your symptoms. We discuss this with you during your session or you can have a read about it on our website in more detail.

We’ll Teach You to Take Care of Your Body to Avoid Reoccurrence of the Pain

Once we confirm the underlying cause we will treat it to reduce its impact on the rest of your body. We continually reassess your movements, muscles and joints to measure the improvements from your treatment. This confirms we are on the right track, and on the way to help you reach your goals.

Our focus is to prevent build-up of strain to the primary cause of your condition. We do this by:

  1. A) Teaching you to treat the structure yourself or how someone else can help you treat it (e.g. partner, family member, friend)
  2. B) Teaching you how to use your body in a way to prevent build-up of strain on that area. This can be by changing your posture at work or strengthening a specific muscle group.

We understand this is different for everyone, so we tailor it to you! If you have particular posture or performance questions, feel free to ask the physio during your session and we will address this when appropriate.

We’ll Craft a Plan for Health Maintenance to Ensure Your Body Stays Happy

To ensure your body stays in optimal shape and you prevent future injury, it is important that you check in with us at increasing intervals for “tune up” sessions. In these sessions we focus on prevention, to help you to continue living your Barefoot lifestyle.

As well as continuing treatment to the primary cause of your condition, we may also need to treat some secondary areas in your body. These secondary areas are findings that make some improvements to one or two things in your body (not as significant as the primary cause), but play an important role in keeping your body functioning at it’s highest level.

Our goal is to empower you to confidently live the life you choose!