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Exercising over the Holidays with Britt

As the year that was 2020 draws to a close, a few of us are settling into holiday mode to welcome in the new year. Christmas and new year time means different things to all of us but in some cases we do get a little bit of extra time on our hands to start a new project, try a different exercise, or set some new habits.

I’m sure there are quite a number of people who already know what their go to holiday exercise is. For some it’s that Sunshine coast hinterland hike, a mountain bike ride, running on the beach, a kayak or even an esplanade walk. But if you don’t and are thinking about trying something new here’s some tips.

Exercising tips!

  • Choose an exercise your ENJOY: I cannot emphasise the importance of this step enough. We know exercise in general releases endorphins and can lift our mood, but it is truly a great part of your day when you really enjoy the task.
  • Don’t set strict GUIDELINES: It’s the holidays we want to be having fun so don’t set yourself up for disappointment by giving yourself unmanageable goals. Instead of i.e. beach run every day, try 3 beach runs a week. Therefore, it’s more achievable.
  • Keep your body HAPPY: Whilst it’s awesome to smash our goals and reach new personal bests, it’s just as important to make sure our body is in the best condition to take on the new task. Therefore, keep on top of those releases, warm up and down efficiently. Trust me taking the extra time to fully stretch out will have you enjoying your new exercise even more.
  • REWARD YOURSELF: Come on it’s the holidays. Have that long brunch after your awesome hike, or get yourself that bit extra of Christmas desert if you’ll enjoy it! If we can’t reap the rewards of exercise, in my opinion, it certainly takes out half the fun 🙂

We’re here if you need us

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and if you or someone you know is experiencing any muscle joint or possible nerve irritation please contact us. We can determine if it is a musculoskeletal issue before having to see a GP. We are open 5 days a week and a couple Saturdays a month. We have early and late appointments available. Please call us at 1300 842 850 or Click here to book an appointment.

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