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Get to know the Barefoot Team – Physio Dan’s Barefooter Story

1 – What’s your favourite activity outside of work and how does it help you live your Barefoot Lifestyle ?  

One of the biggest things about the Barefoot Lifestyle that I find relevant is staying mentally and physically active. I usually do this by going to the gym for strength training which really helps me reset my brain and focus on my physical body. To keep mentally active I read books on my way to work in the morning as it gets me ready to see clients for the day.

2 – What is your favourite movement activity, how long have you been doing it for and how does it foster your health and wellbeing journey?  

 I like doing some strength training, dancing and a bit of walking on the side. I used to be a full-time dancer so I love movement and I know how beneficial it is for me and for everyone. I try to use dance, going to the gym or walking as a medium to keeping myself active. As well as trying to enjoy myself on walks with my partner Megs. We usually walk while at the markets or at a fair.

3 – What is one of your favourite memories and how did it shape who “Dan” is today? 

One happy memory that comes to mind are the days I used to dance as a profession. I had a full-time job teaching English to kids while trying to practice in a team. Some days I would get 4 hours sleep but I loved dancing and kept dancing until I changed my career path. Being so passionate about something and choosing a different career path really changed the way I look at life and since that time I firmly believe that anything can happen in life.

4 – If you could choose your dream holiday, would you prefer an international or local destination? And what has been your favourite holiday so far? 

My dream holiday would be travelling through the whole of Europe as I am fascinated about the various cultures, foods and drinks to enjoy. It would be wonderful if I could go to all the countries and experience each country for at least a week.

My favourite holiday so far was in Palm Cove. I know there are a lot of great beaches that might look better, or are better to swim in but I loved the vibe from Palm Cove holds and it holds personal meaning for me.

5 – What made you want to become a Physiotherapist and so far what has been your favourite moment as a physio?  

I experienced that many dancers around me including myself were constantly living in pain. All my mates would finish practice and pop some painkillers, spray some topical analgesic and talk about when we were seeing our physiotherapist next. This first-hand experience initially sparked an interest in physiotherapy which ultimately lead me to study in Brisbane. A stand out moment for me as a physiotherapist is when I can resonate with my clients and their pain and help them. As someone who has been on a long journey of pain myself it really makes my day when I can help someone and keep them on the right track to recovery.

Bonus Question: Listening to you talk about your career as a professional dancer it is so evident how much you loved it. Can you share with us one of the standout moments of your career? 

One stand out moment was actually earlier in my career before when I was a part of my team in South Korea. It was when I was doing mandatory military service in the Korean Airforce as an ammunitions soldier and interpreter. There was a competition in the base for all genres including singing, dancing and acting. I got to perform live in front a crowd of over two thousand solo. It was a great experience and I ended up getting a standing ovation after my performance and second place.

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