Barefooter Aidan has his ABC’s down pat – Ambos, Bikes and Coffee

Healthy Lifestyle PhysiotherapyAidan Jeffes is a true Barefooter. He leans in to all areas of his life; be it his passion for motorbike riding, perfecting latte art or becoming a paramedic. Not to mention he spends almost as much time at the Red Brick House as we do! He is always early to his appointments to allow lots of chill out time in the Lounge Room. Aidan is continually improving his bike, his life and the lives of those around him. We sat down with him, to learn more about what makes this Barefooter tick.

  1. You have spent time as part of the St John’s Ambulance service and have also just been accepted into Paramedics and Nursing course. Tell us more about your adventures with St John’s and what you are most looking forward to in your new degree?
    I’ve been part of the volunteer first aid side of St. John since about the middle of 2013. At the time I didn’t really have an interest in the health field, and my friend convinced me it would be a fun, fulfilling, and interesting hobby. She was 110% correct.Aidan Jeffes 4On one occasion, I was doing first aid with St. John at the annual army cadet camp up in Tin Can Bay. While they were shooting, they asked us to be there just in case something happened. As my colleague and I were sitting there watching we were debating if we should ask to have a go, at that exact point the detachment commander came up and asked if we wanted to shoot. So we did. I scored pretty high, 93/100, and my colleague scored 78/100 from memory.After about the first year with St Johns, I decided I wanted to pursue a career in the health field, particularly Paramedicine and Emergency Nursing. In December 2016 I finally received an offer to study the dual degree. I think I am most looking forward to the challenge that can be presented by this field, especially because every patient I will see will be different. I also look forward to meeting so many new people and hearing about what drew them into the health field.
  2. Most weekends you can be found motorbike riding all over Queensland. Tell us about some of your favourite rides and what it is you love about getting out on the bike?Aidan Jeffes 2Just about every weekend I can be found out in the Gold Coast Hinterland riding with my neighbour. Our usual Sunday route is up Tambourine Mountain, then along Beechmont, then out towards Natural Bridge. The final part towards Natural Bridge is my favourite riding road that I’ve come across so far. I think my other favourite ride is a big day long adventure I had with my friend a few months ago, it was basically all off road all through D’Aguilar National Park, it was hard work, but so much fun exploring, and the scenery was just incredible too. The thing that draws me to motorcycling is the freedom. There is nothing between you and the outside world and you get to experience everything about every journey (Even if it means getting wet in the rain… NOT FUN!), and I also find it a really good stress relief because it focuses your mind on one thing, riding.
  3. You currently work at Starbucks- what is your favourite order to make and your favourite order to drink and why?I actually really enjoy making lattes, there is just something about getting the perfect milk texture combined with really well poured shots that is just so satisfying. Plus then you get to do some fancy latte art, which in my case is usually just a heart because I don’t know how to do anything else yet. My personal favourite drink to have myself is super specific, it is a Iced Quad Ristretto half Single Origin roast, half Normal Espresso, Hazelnut Latte. Needless to say I usually just make it myself.Aidan Jeffes 3