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When your body isn’t operating as you want it to, every part of your life suffers. We get it, we’ve been there. Everyone deserves to live life to the fullest and not have injury and pain hold them back – so about us: Being one of Queensland’s trusted physiotherapy clinics, we can certainly help you out.

We understand how frustrating it is when your body isn’t functioning at optimal level and keeping you from doing what you love. That’s why at Barefoot we truly believe in helping you get back to living your “Barefoot Lifestyle”. We understand that everyone’s body moves differently. That’s why at Barefoot we look at your whole body, so we can fully understand your issues and treat what is most effective for your body. We will also show you how to self treat and take care of your body.

Here at Barefoot we have 8 incredible physios, our Senior Physios Sal, Caitlin S, Catherine and Britt along with our General Physios Caitlin D, Dan, Georgia and Kelcie. All physios are trained using the Barefoot Physiotherapy method, and all our clients experience 1 on 1 treatment in a private room with undisturbed 30 minute or 60-minute appointments. We pride ourselves on meeting our clients exactly as they are and creating an inclusive space. Our staff are informed in HAES and gender diverse communication and care. We are conscious in providing a supportive space and communicating with purpose.

Every day we are inspired by the amazing and incredible people that come to our clinic. We are lucky enough to make a noticeable difference in people’s lives and coming to work is a delight. Our aim at Barefoot is to help our clients continue to live their Barefoot lifestyle, whatever that may be!

Please note access to our clinic is by 5 stairs (1 to a landing, then 2 to a landing and another 2) with handrail. We are happy to assist.

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Having a happy body is important, no matter what you choose to do with your life. We treat office-workers, power lifters, holiday makers, retirees, business owners, tradespeople, weekend and elite athletes and everything in between! Our goal is to help as many people as possible have their bodies feel like they’re on holidays all the time. We do this through identification of the underlying cause of their condition and treatment for it. But it’s not all about us…

Our team of caring, experienced physiotherapists will take care of you from the very first appointment. Call us today on 1300 842 850 to discuss booking options, or make an appointment online. We look forward to getting you back to living your Barefoot Lifestyle!

Physio at the tranquil heart of Graceville, Yeronga and Indooroopilly

Barefoot Physiotherapy treats Australians from every state and every walk of life, all out of our famous red brick house in Tennyson. We have seen the full gamut of patients seek our treatment and have their quality of life and health improved; it has only confirmed our belief that physiotherapy can be for everyone.

Our clients travel from far and wide across Australia. People come to Barefoot Physiotherapy from Melbourne, the Gold Coast, and the Northern Territory Outback to be treated right alongside our local clients in Graceville, Indooroopilly,Chelmer, Corinda, Oxley, Moorooka, Annerley, St Lucia, Sherwood and Yeronga. Our experienced Physiotherapy team learn about their health goals and help them to get their bodies back working the way they want them.

When applied with professional care and knowledge, there is no need for uncomfortable, strenuous therapies straight out of physical comedy. Modern physiotherapy uses gentle, efficient movements and is tailored to target the areas bearing the load of your life’s stresses. Physiotherapy for running fanatics is very different to the treatment we would give an office worker recovering from a weekend sports injury, even if it targeted the same areas of the body. So, we work to build strong relationships with our clients, learning more about them to better care for their bodies and needs.