30 year old female Physiotherapist and netball player.

Reason for coming to Barefoot Physiotherapy:

Previously prolapsed L4/5 & L5/S1 in 2008. Re-aggravated playing social basketball 1 day ago. The client felt spasm in the lower back immediately. She was unable to move without sharp pain in the right of the lower back.

Goal: play netball again, practice yoga, return to work

Presented with:

Standing list (trunk shifted off to one side)
80% neural irritation
0% lumbar movements (unable to move without pain)
Muscle guarding back, hips, neck
Decreased glute activation


Neural interface treatment
Tape on lower back
Pharmacy referral for anti-inflammatories
Dry needling of glute and tensor fascia latae (TFL)
Core & glute activation exercises
Home exercise program (Daily x3) of muscle releases to glutes, TFL and hamstrings
Preventative Education on benefits of regular massage and stress reduction options

Outcome (4 sessions in 5 days):

Return to work after 1 day
No neural irritation
Significantly more lower back and hip movement
Significantly less muscle guarding
Return to the gym after 1 week

Influence on the Result:

Client did all homework and took anti-inflammatories for 3 days and as the Pharmacist suggested. A Barefoot Physiotherapist attended initial gym session with the personal trainer to ensure safe return to exercise .