72 year old female retired (previously Naturopath Clinic Manager)

Reason for coming to Barefoot Physiotherapy:

Painful and stiff knees (right more than left) resulting in the client being unable to get into home pool (since renovation to pool 18 months ago when steps were changed and made deeper) and having difficulty walking.
Goal = Climb into the pool at home and exercise. Avoid surgery for knees.

Presented with:

Limping walking pattern.
50% Neural irritation
40% active movement at the hip joint
Sit to stand 50% (needing to use arms to stand up due to pain in knees)
Self-rated ease of walking as 40%


Neural interface treatment
Dry needling of bilateral (right and left) glute medius and vastus lateralis
Rocktape of knees for support and muscle activation
Home exercise program of range of motion, strength and walking practice specific to goal of getting in and out of pool.

Outcome (8 sessions in 3 weeks):

Improved walking pattern to 75%
No neural irritation
85% Active movement of the hip joint
Sit to stand 80% (not using arms for support)
Self-rated ease of walking 80%
Able to get in and out of pool with no assistance – exercising 5+ days per week

Influences on the Result:

Photos of pool and steps sent through to Physiotherapist (by client’s daughter) to ensure exercises and treatment were aimed directly at the goal of being able to get in and out of pool. Client was unwell during the time of treatment therefore needed to reschedule two appointments. First two appointments were 1 hour each.