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Back Pain and Neck Pain Physiotherapy Treatment in South Brisbane

A staggeringly high portion of Australians suffer from chronic neck or back pain, which is often left to go untreated for years despite its debilitating effects. Musculoskeletal problems such as these hinder the pursuit of a healthy, active lifestyle, leaving sufferers in constant discomfort and forcing them to seek all sorts of special accommodations at work and at home to manage their pain.

At Barefoot Physio, we want to let everyone in South Brisbane know that there are sound, healthy treatment options for these conditions, and it doesn’t have to involve taking copious painkillers or other drugs. Our skilled and experienced practitioners can bring much-needed relief to all sufferers of neck pain, back pain and related problems, through the careful application of therapies such as spinal mobilisation, muscle releases, dry needling, posture training, ergonomic devices, kinesiology tape, and rehabilitative exercises. Our aim is for every person who attends our holistic physiotherapy clinic to leave it again feeling physically healthier and more free than they were before, and it is our pleasure to work to that end every day.

Back and neck physiotherapy is about more than just back and neck pain

Despite the amount of time we spend using them, most of us know very little about how our bodies work. They are hugely complex machines, with thousands of parts in constant interplay with each-other at all times to achieve even small actions. A breakdown in any part of this massive system may not immediately manifest itself with noticeable pain and other symptoms, and it when it does appear it will not always seem to affect the actual location of the injury. Many seemingly unrelated musculoskeletal problems which clients present with at the clinic, causing pain or restricted movement anywhere from the shoulder to the ball of the foot, actually have their root cause in common spinal injuries or their consequences. The expert practitioners at Barefoot Physiotherapy can identify, explain and work to treat these deceptive problems as well as more obvious back and neck problems such as sciatica, disc injury and migraines.

Don’t wait to address your back pain or neck pain issues properly

If you or a family member have suffered chronic spinal pain or any symptoms which could be attributed to it, whether it’s just since your latest sporting accident or you’ve struggled with it for decades, Barefoot Physiotherapy want to see you. We open our clinic 5days a week – please call ahead on 1300 842 850 to book an appointment.