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We’ve put together a list of the most common questions that we get asked. If your question hasn’t been answered, please get in touch with us via our contact page or phone 1300 842 850.

General FAQs

  What type of treatment techniques do Physiotherapists at Barefoot use?

Barefoot Physiotherapists are trained in all standard Physiotherapy techniques (joint mobilisation, muscle releases, muscle activation, education and advice) as well as higher levels of training in nerve releases, Western Acupuncture and Dry Needling and specific muscle rehabilitation.

  How long will it take to get results?

It’s often possible to notice dramatic results in the first session.  The problem-solving process that Barefoot uses continues assessing until 30-50% improvement is made in each session.  For most people, total recovery time is shorter.  This means fewer total visits and lower overall cost.  Once these results occur, we outline a time-frame for recovery, indicating how many treatment sessions you need, and how rapidly you are likely to recover fully.

  Why are you sometimes not ‘treating’ the bit that hurts?

The analogy we use here is the ‘sore bit’ is like the ‘warning light’ on the dash board of your car.   Treating the ‘sore bit’ doesn’t always work in the long run any better than just covering up the warning light all together. We aim to ‘get under the hood’ and demonstrate to you that treating all the contributing factors together improves your movement and your body function. The ‘warning light’ such as pain tends to switch off when the ‘engine’ is running well.

  What is a Primary Underlying Cause?

This is the structure in your body that, when treated, achieves dramatic results for you.  When the underlying cause is identified your recovery is accelerated and a plan can be put in place to meet your good result. Over the first few sessions we will be searching for areas in your body which may be contributing to your problem.  It is important to be thorough at this stage, as it saves a lot of time in the long run and makes for a more efficient recovery.

  What exercise and activities can I do?

Looking after the Primary Cause of your condition (see above) is the best way to speed your recovery and prevent the problem from returning.  We may ask you to modify some activities for a short time. In some cases we need to recommend a short period of no or very limited activity if your nerves are irritated. We utilise individualised muscle retraining exercises to teach you how to take care of yourself.  In most cases we recommend you do as much activity as possible while doing your best to look after your Primary Underlying Cause – we will show you how to do this correctly.   We aim to demonstrate how exercise improves your movement and your condition.  This will usually be your ‘homework’.

  Why is an improvement of 85% so important?

At 85% improvement, your condition is usually more stable and less aggravated by day-to-day activities.  Therefore, this is the level of improvement we like to see as soon as possible.  We may ask you to return to see us quite quickly for the first few sessions.  When you have improved to 85%, it is usually ok to introduce more demanding activities and see us less often.

  Why do Barefoot Physiotherapists use a checklist?

Our processes are world class and have been developed to ensure you receive a high standard of care every single time you come to Barefoot. We use a checklist to hold ourselves accountable. Our checklists are formulated using a great deal of time and training and are continually evolving for best client management.

  Are there any side effects?

There are three potential ‘side effects’ from treatment that you can experience:

  • You may feel local tenderness (bruisy feeling) at the point that has been treated. Your physio will always check if you’re okay with the amount of pressure and decrease if needed.
  • Occasionally clients have a short term (usually a couple of minutes) feeling of dizziness or nausea when a point in their body that has been tight for a long time is released. Again your physio will monitor if this happens and only work as strongly as you feel comfortable.
  • Some people report feeling a bit ‘washed out’ or tired following a session. 

These are all normal and TEMPORARY responses when the true underlying cause of a condition is found and treated.

The other more important effect, is that your body will start to feel more comfortable and able to do things that you want it to.

  What is the Barefoot Lifestyle?

It’s how we live! And how we’d love you to be able to live if you choose. It really is the whole reason we do what we do. Have a look at the Barefoot Lifestyle page to read more!

Appointment FAQs

  How do I get to the clinic?
  • Barefoot has moved to the ‘Red Brick House’ 28 Curzon St, Tennyson Q4105 (near the Queensland Tennis Centre). You can turn left into Curzon St from Tennyson Memorial Ave but if coming from Graceville/Chelmer direction you will need to go via Walker St.
  • Public Transport: Barefoot is on the 104 and 105 bus routes. If you are unfamiliar with Tennyson/Brisbane please ask the bus driver to stop at Stop 37 (same number North and Southbound) on Tennyson Memorial Ave. It is a 250m walk to the clinic from there.
  • Plenty of carparks available on site. 
  What do I wear?

Please wear clothes you can move in. And be prepared to go barefoot!

  • Ladies – shorts/tights and singlet/loose top
  • Gentlemen – shorts/loose pants

We recommend no tight clothes/jeans as these restrict our ability to assess you fully.

Toilet and Change room is available at the clinic – please follow signs from the waiting room. There are shorts and singlets in the change room if you need them.

  What if I can't make it, or I'm running late?

Barefoot Physiotherapy has an 8 hour cancellation policy (otherwise full fees apply). If you are unable to make your appointment please phone, text (reply to reminder text or directly to your physio if you have their mobile) or email and we will reschedule.

If you are running late please text or call if you can so we know you’re okay and on your way.

  What happens after my first appointment?

You will walk away with knowledge about your condition and a clear plan of action. We will follow up with you and the people important to you, whether it be your coach, husband, partner, housemate or someone else, to ensure that everyone who is part of your ‘team’ is on the same page for your speediest recovery possible.

  What are the standard appointment times available?








Appointments available

7am – 6.40pm

7am – 6.40pm

7am –      7.20pm

7am – 6.40pm

7am – 6pm

8.20am – 1.30pm

  What are the payment options available?

We have EFTPOS, Credit Card and HICAPS facilities available. We also offer payment plans where required. We believe that limited finances shouldn’t prevent you from receiving the optimal treatment and care that you deserve. Please contact us if this is something you may be interested in. Click here for prices and to make a booking.