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Amazing Physiotherapy for Running or Rocking Out

Keeping fit and active is a fantastic way to go through life. A physically active body is going a long way towards being a healthy one, and Australia is lucky to have a great, developed culture around sports and the outdoors which promotes this better way of living. However, just as even the most well-cared-for car still needs a regular maintenance, healthy, exercising bodies can still stand to benefit from professional physiotherapy.

The team of qualified practitioners at South Brisbane’s Barefoot Physiotherapy clinic have developed a broad range of targeted holistic physiotherapy programs to help manage the ongoing stresses of modern lifestyles and stop them compounding themselves into serious health issues. So, whether you’re into powerlifting or a power metal rocker, it’s best to book your appointment with us soon.

We offer Sports Physiotherapy for rock climbing enthusiasts and musicians alike

Just as every body and every person’s lifestyle is unique, the treatment plans devised by staff at Barefoot Physiotherapy are tailored to suit the specific health needs of each client . We always work towards long term, total body health and movement goals, instead of only addressing the “symptom” of short term, localised pain.

This is the important difference between a basic physiotherapist and a sports physiotherapist, like the ones you can see at our clinic. A sports physio’s goal is to achieve optimal body performance, so the focus is on fixing the source of the problem as well as alleviating the ill-effects. Everything in our bodies is connected, so the source of a problem is not always obvious – not moving correctly through your thighs can strain your ankles and feet, and back problems can often cause pain and stiff movement all over your body. Our practitioners have the training and expertise to study how your movement is impeded and to pinpoint the underlying habits or problem spots which are holding you back. The long term results you can obtain through Sports Physiotherapy are worth it whether you’re actually rehabilitating a sports injury or just looking to live an active lifestyle.

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Barefoot Physiotherapy’s Sports Physiotherapists can help you feel better and regain confidence in your long term health. Call us today on 1300 842 850 to discuss booking options, or make an appointment online. Don’t just settle for discomfort, see if our treatments can offer some relief for you today.