Our Physios

Our Physios

Sal Oliver Lange

Director and Principal Physiotherapist
Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Member Australian Physiotherapy Association.
Provider Number: 4258679W

Barefoot Director and Principal Barefoot Physiotherapist Sal prides herself on truly listening to and understanding what her clients want to be able to do and achieve. She then combines this with her extensive range of physiotherapy skills and gets to work on solving how she and her client can make it happen. Sal supports all the people around her to lean in to life and dare greatly.

Caitlin Sargent

Senior Physiotherapist
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons), Member Australian Physiotherapy Association
Provider Number: 4823072Y

Barefoot Physiotherapist Caitlin Sargent is a dedicated clinician who is passionately committed to ongoing learning so she can best help her clients. She enjoys solving challenging problems and making sure her clients are actively involved in their treatment program so they can recover in the quickest possible time and get back to living a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Alistair Cox

Doctor of Physiotherapy and Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, Member Australian Physiotherapy Association

Barefoot Physiotherapist Alistair Cox is an enthusiastic learner who enjoys applying his knowledge to client care. With his enthusiasm for Physiotherapy and interest in living a healthy and active lifestyle, Alistair takes great pride in using a holistic approach to target the root cause of dysfunction, helping his clients get back to living their Barefoot Lifestyle.

Hannah Antony


Master of Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Kinesiology

Implementing exercises from the gym and combining it with her movement expertise as a physiotherapist she loves introducing her clients to properly engaging their muscles and understanding the mind-muscle connection – for both performance enhancement, and to protect their bodies form potential injury!


General Physiotherapist

At Barefoot Physiotherapy we offer one-on- one treatment, with a hands-on approach allowing you to learn and live your Barefoot Lifestyle. During your initial consult we will begin your full body assessment, analysing your nerves, movement and joints. From here we will systematically test to work out the primary cause of your condition.

30 Minute Session60 Minute Session
General Physiotherapist 1$124.00$248.00
General Physiotherapist 2$136.00$272.00
Senior Physiotherapist 1$148.00$296.00
Senior Physiotherapist 2$162.00$324.00

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