Travel tips – Part 1

Hands up if you are a last minute bag-packer when it comes to holidays! Racing around at midnight the night before you leave? Coming home from holidays realising you packed way too much? Rubbing your neck & shoulder because you slept funny on the plane/bus/train? If any of this sounds familiar, I’ve got some tips for you. I have a “good packing for holidays” list on my phone that I always refer to before I jet set and I’m going to share some ideas with you over a few blog posts before the Christmas break.

  1. Always pack a sarong.

Wearing it may be “so-wrong” but there are many other uses!

Physio travel tips

  • Waiting at the airport and tired of sitting? You won’t find me laying on the airport floors! I lay out my sarong on the ground, lie on it and do my releases or read a book
  • Use it as a blanket on the plane if the air con is too cold
  • Roll it up to support your back or neck on the plane/train/bus
  • Need a table cloth or picnic rug on your holidays..?
  • If you forget your towel, use the sarong!
  • Visiting a church in Europe in the middle of summer but you need to cover up your shoulders or legs? …use the sarong!
  • Use it as a scarf to stay warm at night
  • Tie it to trees to make a shade cloth or use it as a windscreen shade if you are driving a car
  1. Always pack your releasing ball or bakballs

Think about it – you are sleeping in different beds with different pillows. You are sitting on transport or standing in a cue for much longer than you’d actually like. You are walking, walking, walking to explore a new city. You might be carrying a handbag that is too heavy. Remember to look after yourself while you are away from home (& your physio!).

Physio travel tips

Use a ball to massage your tired muscles! You don’t have to miss out on the fun either – you can do your releases in the down times:

  • On the plane, walk up to the end and lean on the ball against the walls. Do your shoulders, neck, back and glutes. Staying active on the plane is a good way to get the blood pumping!
  • Sitting in your plane/train/bus/car seat you can place the ball under your thigh to massage your hamstrings & under your foot to massage the plantarfascia.
  • For more ideas, see this link:
  1. Use a backpack or a SMALL shoulder bag. I also take a roll-up bag too.

Heavy one shoulder bags are a recipe for a stiff neck. Minimise what you carry if you can and even out the load. By taking a roll up bag you are also helping the environment instead of using plastic bags.

  • Use it as a grocery bag (when you are getting things on the way home after a long day out and about)
  • Use it as a beach bag for towels, suncream etc

Buying unexpected souvenirs? Put them in your compact bag

Physio travel tips

Stayed tuned for Part 2!