How to survive the silly season!

With the silly season well and truly in full-swing, it can sometimes be challenging to stay on track with your health goals. While we recognise the importance of balance and enjoying the holidays and time spent with friends and family, we want to help everyone stay as healthy as possible.

Here are our top tricks and tips:

  • Be kind to others and yourself. Bringing joy to others is proven to improve our mood. However most important of all is to be kind to yourself! Don’t feel guilty for enjoying quality time with friends and good food. Often the worst symptom of the holidays is the guilt we feel for what we ate or drank etc. Obviously, we want to make healthy choices for our bodies, but remember that taking care of your mental health and not punishing yourself is also key.
  • Stay hydrated. It is very easy to forget to drink water when life gets busy. Keep a water bottle on hand and drink from it regularly. If you are at a party, try to have a glass of water every hour
  • Be realistic. Set small health goals for yourself that will help you stay positive and feel a sense of accomplishment. During such a busy time, it is easy to feel like our regular exercise routine is overwhelming and hence do nothing. Instead, scale it back and set out something that is achievable. For example, aiming to go to the gym once a week (rather than your usual 3 times) or getting out for a short walk every second day
  • Give yourself appropriate rest and recovery. Often it feels like there is something on every day and you never have a moment to yourself. Try to have some quieter days where you can give your mind and body time to rest and recover (and maybe even nap!). Remember you don’t have to go to everything you are invited to – its ok to put your health first
  • Take care of your musculoskeletal health – there is nothing worse than being too uncomfortable to enjoy time with family and friends. Avoid uncomfortable positions, or any one position for too long and warm-up if you’re moving an esky or playing backyard cricket for the first time in 12 months. It is also important to make sure you keep up regular self-releases and physio check-ups to keep your body moving and feeling good.

    Did you know that Barefoot will be open over the Christmas and New Year period, closing only for the public holidays. Don’t leave your New Years Resolutions to next year – why not start the new year with happy nerves, muscles & joints!

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