Stay hydrated this Summer!

Summer in Brisbane is definitely kicking into gear, so we want to make sure you are all staying well hydrated (especially through the silly season!)

How much water to drink


To work out how much water you should drink per day you can do this simple calculation:

Your Body Weight x 30mL = ‘x’ mL water to drink per day

For eg: 65kg x 30mL = 1950mL/day (1.95L)

If you are exercising in your day your water intake will be more as you need to consider your sweat rate (every Sweaty Betty is different!). To calculate your sweat rate you will need to weigh yourself before and after your activity. For every .45kg lost 473mL of fluid is also lost (which needs to be replenished).

Therefore, if a 65kg person lost .45kg of weight during their daily exercise they would need to drink

1950mL + 473mL = 2423mL/day (2.4L)

And remember – Do what suits you to keep your fluids up. Something that works for me is having my water bottle handy at the clinic.

water bottle at workwater bottle outside