Splendour in the Mud!

Splendour in the Mud! Barefoot Physio tips

I’ve been to my fair share of festivals around the world (Glastonbury, Running of the Bulls, La Tomatina, Isle of Wight, Gentlemen of the Road, Blues Fest.. to name a few..) but after Splendour in the Grass this year I realised I am not as young as I used to be…

Splendour in the Grass 2015 was better known as Splendour in the Mud. We walked for 12 hours/day in gumboots for 3 days. My calves and adductors have never been so tight!

As I reflected on the weekend, I realised I was grateful for a few things:

Facebook Updates. If I didn’t check my newsfeed the morning we left to drive down to Splendour, I wouldn’t have known that gumboots were a MUST for the festival. Luckily my sister left her pair at my place after Bluesfest. But we still needed a pair for my partner – Bunnings in Ipswich and Tweed Heads were the only stores left with stock. I’m glad we were heading south! Nabbed the last pair of Size 10 at Tweed Heads and off we went.

Ponchos. The first night we had 2hrs of rain through the Mark Ronson set. The combination of a poncho and his awesome show made this experience so much more enjoyable for us. (Unlike our mate who spent 1/2 of the time picking up other people’s ponchos off the muddy wet ground to try on).

Foam Roller & Lacrosse Ball. It took me 45mins a day of self-massage to get my legs comfortable enough to front up for another 12hrs of walking around in sticky/slippery mud again.Teepees in the mud - Splendour 2015

Backpacks. The first day of the festival I took my shoulder bag and woke up with very stiff/sore neck the following morning. So, the next day I used a backpack and I pulled up fine.

Cherelle in the mud at Splendour - what a physio!Experience. I’ve been to a few festivals in the UK, and they are typically muddy. Believe me, there is a specific walking technique required to trudge through deep mud in heavy gumboots. If you go too fast, you’ll slip over. If you go too slow, you’ll get stuck. Take a step back and just watch the people walking from the bar… it’s highly entertaining.


So, apart from the above, I’d also add a bunch of good mates and a decent stubby cooler and you’ll have the time of your life!

Barefoot Physiotherapy Splendour 2015