Not so happy in my hoodie!

Hermit crab = person who likes wearing other people clothes

The people that know me well know I’m a serial hermit crab when it comes to Winter clothes. (Hermit crab: Salvages empty seashells – aka jumpers – to protect them from predators – aka the cold). Ie: all my Winter clothes are hand-me-downs.

Main reasons:

1 – I don’t like clothes shopping

2 – I am in a constant state of denial that I need to even own ‘Winter’ clothes

I’m serious… have a look at this cupboard:

Winter clothes

From left to right (previous owner in brackets after)

  • Overalls (cousin Hugh)
  • Grey hoodie (Shinus actual owner not previous owner although I tried)
  • Black zipup (H.O. aka Mum)
  • Rain jacket (QAS soccer)
  • Grey jacket (someone that donated it to Paddington St Vinnies)
  • Blue jumper (Cherelle)
  • Black jacket (H.O.’s best friend’s little sister)
  • Children’s wallabies jersey (some child)
  • Coach’s shirt (Brisbane State High)
  • Wallabies jersey (actually owned by Sal!)
  • Grey jumper (Rosalie crew clothes swap)
  • Coach’s jacket (Brisbane State High)
  • Light grey zipup (Bartzis)
  • Blazer (Brisbane State High)
  • Lab coat from the 70s worn to all Anatomy labs through uni by Sal (H.O. from when she was a scientist)
  • And yes that to the far left is a Lemur costume.

So when Shinus was heading to Melbourne and needed his grey hoodie back the whole wardrobe could easily have gone in to disarray! It’s a delicate ecosystem.

Thankfully Super Loz (aka Lauren) was in town to take me Grey Hoodie shopping. The brief: One store, 3 or less things to try on, 10 minutes or less, celebration drinks on James street after. Luckily no challenge is too tough for Super Loz! Kathmandu Grey Hoodie, on Sale, 9 minutes, Champagne please!

(I don’t take a good selfie so here’s photos of said hoodie with PJ modelling and Bundy looking on amused:)

Dogs in hoodies lifestyle

So after celebratory drinks and chats I got home and was so excited to have a jumper I had actually bought myself I wore it to bed… and woke up with a sore neck because the hood pushed my head into a funny position.

Moral of the story: Don’t wear a hoodie to bed.

dog hoodie lifestyle

Note: no clothes or animals were harmed in the production of this scientific article.

Happy Winter!


PS – for more helpful sleeping tips head to the SLEEP POSITIONS section of our website