A letter from Sal – Barefoot Wellness Summit

You may have heard that we have our first ever Barefoot Wellness Summit tomorrow ( Saturday the 2nd of December!) We can’t wait to see you all there! If you haven’t had a chance to get your tickets yet, don’t worry they are still on sale!

You may be thinking why would the Barefoot Wellness Summit be relevant or beneficial for me? Our fearless leader Sal sat down to let you know why she think it will totally change your life!

Ok superstars…

Why would you want to go to a Barefoot Wellness Summit?

Do you even have time for that?

Is it worth giving up half your Saturday for? And paying for a ticket?!

Well if you’ve ever felt confused by where you need to start with your health.

Or you’re overwhelmed by all the information out there on what to eat, what not to eat, how to move, how not to move, how to meditate (it’s hard to stick to right!) and just have that sense of ‘it’s all too much’ well we’re simplifying it for you.

We’re going to cover 3 main areas
– The mind
– The gut
– The body

And the people talking about these amazing things are experts in their respective fields:
– a performance psychologist talking about the mind
– a nutritionist (and women’s health physio) covering the gut and a
– musculoskeletal physio talking all things body.

To simplify something is a skill and only a person that truly understands a topic can simplify and teach it with vigour…. we’re having a crack! Get ready to get vigorous 🙂

We’ll be talking inspiring big concepts as well as tangible takeaways. Things you can do immediately for your mind, your gut and your body. You’re also going to feel clear about where you can turn for help if you need it.

Pretty flat strap at the moment?!

Of course you are, you’ve got a freaking rockin life!
Don’t think you have the time?
Maybe you’re right… but let’s make it happen!
We’ve thought of everything!

The day kicks off at a leisurely 9am and finishes at 2.30pm.
Morning tea and are lunch provided! And you get a goody bag!!!

So you can fill up your Friday and Saturday nights with fun and we’ll be there to give you the stories in between. Who doesn’t want to head out on a date Saturday night and be able to say “you wouldn’t believe what I did today, I went to a super cool event at the QLD Tennis Centre overlooking Pat Rafter arena!” – see you later Tinder that person will want you forever . This line will also impress your partner of 20 years!

In saying that, we have found that most people we meet are looking for some like minded souls to make friends with, and what better way than through an express learning session! Followed by drinks on the lawn at Barefoot of course! You are all welcome to kick on with us in the afternoon.

Yes we have a beer, yes it’s healthy… it’s our Summit of Wellness being on the lawn having a drink with friends
We love meeting new people and we love bringing amazing people together.

If it feels a bit out of your comfort zone I implore you to take the leap, lean in to the discomfort and if in doubt: bring a friend!

I look forward to giving you a big as hug!

Geovana Regular

To buy your tickets, or to find out more . . click here.

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