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It’s Inner Health Week at Barefoot – so we’re talking communication and appreciation.

So while we may all speak the same language… sometimes we’re just not ‘speaking the same language’. At Barefoot we have as part of our Code of Honour to use effective communication styles for each Barefoot team member and all clients. We ensure this by checking in to make sure what you communicated was understood in the way you intended it to be.
What makes this interesting is the fact that we all communicate differently naturally so I believe it is our responsibility to learn more about the communication styles of the people around us.

This can be seen quite obviously when communicating appreciation – it is a common understanding there are 5 main ways of communicating appreciation

1 – Words of Affirmation

2- Acts of Service

3 – Receiving Gifts

4 – Quality Time

5 – Physical Touch 

We all use all the ways of communicating appreciation but some will ‘hit home’ much more effectively than others. Now in the workplace obviously there are only 4 ways (Physical Touch is excluded) and we make sure we know these for each of us here at Barefoot. For example I score highly on Acts of Service so ways I will naturally show someone they’re appreciated is to do things for them, and I will notice straight away when others have done things to help me. Comparatively I score very low (zero in fact) on Words of Affirmation so need to make an effort to communicate to people around me that they are appreciated verbally as I will forget to otherwise (this is especially important if Words of Affirmation is their Primary Language).

If you’d like to take the standard test CLICK ON THIS – I think it’s interesting to learn about yourself and the people around you.

The picture below is insights into the 5 different languages

5 love langauage