Hi everyone, here’s part 2 to my acute ankle blog. If you didn’t catch the first part, you can click here. As I mentioned in my first blog, I’ve had my fair share of acute ankle injuries and have also seen plenty! So I hope you find this second blog informative and helpful.

After the first week

Once you’re past the first week or so of that acute ankle injury, we are looking for more ways to get it moving and get your body out of a protective mode of the area.

Many systems are affected when the ankle is injured: the muscles around the area may tighten to protect you from moving it too much, the joints have not had as much loading through them and need to be re-introduced gradually and progressively, and working back towards full range of motion in all directions, proprioception of the ankle (body awareness) becomes skewed, and the nervous system and nerve pathways that the brain creates will have changed and adapted.

We are not only training the musculoskeletal system to return to sport, we need to address the neurophysiological systems, challenge them, and adapt the neural pathways so that the brain accepts that there is no longer a threat to the body.

Specific exercises

We will give you specific exercises that your body and brain take on-board to ensure motor control and strength in the ankle improves. This will include exercises like balancing, power, strength and unpredictable movements. Our hands on techniques will provide a good healing environment for the body and give it the nudge in the right direction.

Investigate why

What we can also investigate, is WHY this ankle roll may have happened in the first place. We will check up the chain into the hip and back to see how your motor control, strength and movements may have played a role.

Ultimate goal

My goal is to not have you relying on an external device (like tape or a brace), when you can train your body to withstand the load you wish to put on it – meaning your sport, like cutting, jumping, sprinting and pivoting.

Are you injured?

Acute ankle injury? Do you need some specialist help with something else?  If so, please feel free to get in touch with us!  It’s as easy as giving us a call for a quick chat.  If it’s determined from talking with you that you do need treatment, we can of course book you in.