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Case Studies

If you’re currently suffering in pain, and seeking an effective way to heal your body properly, you’ve come to the right place.

You see, not all physiotherapists are the same. Many simply treat the symptoms of acute or persistent pain or injury. Whilst this can provide temporary relief, there’s a strong chance the pain will return at some stage. But that’s where Barefoot Physiotherapy is different. You see, we pinpoint the root cause of your problem, before applying our unique Treatment System. This way you’ll stay healthier and avoid recurrence.

Our primary focus is on helping you achieve a speedy recovery, so you can get back to living your life to the full as soon as possible. This doesn’t just mean being able to walk comfortably… it means being “competition ready. You’ll walk out feeling zero pain, and just as good as you did pre-injury (or even better). Our success is measured by your results, nothing else.

Speaking of results, you don’t need to take our word for it. Because we have some interesting case studies of past clients that detail how we helped them overcome their painful conditions. You can read them here…

Shoulder Injury

A 41yo male felt a pop while benchpressing at the gym, resulting in excruciating shoulder pain for 7 weeks without improvement. He came to Barefoot as a last resort before surgery. In 2 weeks he was back in the gym with full range of motion and zero pain.

Lower Back Treatment

A 30yo female re-aggravated a slipped disc injury from years ago, bringing about lower back spasms and preventing her from moving at all without sharp pain. After 4 sessions across 5 days, she was as good as new, returning to work after the first session, and back in the gym a week later.

Ankle Treatment

A 15yo gymnast sprained her ankle 10 days before holidays. In only 8 days she was at 100% and able to painlessly and easily walk on the sand, swim, and return to gymnastics

Hip Treatment

A 57yo businessman marathon runner suffered a sudden hip pain and spasm while running. From extreme tightness in the area and 50% loss of mobility he was able to return to running regularly within 3 weeks without pain or tightness.

Frozen Shoulder

A 57yo female presented with frozen shoulder, diagnosed by her GP and told to 'wait it out'. She wanted to learn about how she could speed up recovery and was able to increase movement and strength and return to exercise within 2 and a half weeks.

ACL Reconstruction Rehab

A 25yo female AFL and gridiron player had her knee reconstruction and came to Barefoot Physiotherapy for post-op rehab. Within 6 months she was given the all-clear to get back to gridiron and had full active movement of the knee.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

A 26yo came to Barefoot Physiotherapy with long-term neck and shoulder pain. She had uneven posture and experience pain after waking up in the morning and after work. Within 3 weeks she had full active movement and was working and sleeping pain-free.

Lower Back Injury

A 28yo powerlifter hurt his hip in competition 8 months prior to treatment. MRIs found disc herniation and was recommended surgery. In 5 weeks he had full hip and lower back range and was able to return to powerlifting weights up to and over his personal bests.

Snapping hip syndrome

As many dancers know, your body can be placed under a lot of stress through continuous exercise and training. It’s extremely important to listen to your body to ensure that it is well looked after, allowing you to focus on what you do best – dance! To discuss this in more detail, we sat down with […]

Knee ligaments and injury

The knee is vital for everyday functions, yet it is often poorly understood. There are many misconceptions about what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for knees and exactly what is going on inside the joint. The knee is identified as a hinge joint, meaning it primarily moves in one direction (ie bending and straightening). It is […]

Common knee injuries and how to treat them

In this post we will focus on knee injuries, and what treatment may be required to get back to living your barefoot lifestyle! Common knee injuries can occur through daily movements and activities, whether it be a car ride, sport or landing differently on your knee. Three common knee injuries we will look at are ACL, PCL and […]