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Our Story

Barefoot Physiotherapy opened its doors in December 2012 as the vision of Director Sal Oliver Lange.

“I wanted to open a clinic where I wanted to go, so not only for it to be highly professional and friendly, but to also have a strong sense of community and inclusion for everyone who comes to the practice”.



Why the name Barefoot?

Director and Principal Physiotherapist Sal Oliver Lange answers the question of “why the name Barefoot?”

From one of my heroes, Karen.

When I was working at Princess Alexandra hospital, every Friday afternoon Karen and I would do Karen’s rehab together to practise her walking (after a spinal injury) to work on getting her as strong as possible. We did lots of different, exciting things to continue the progress that we were making and a great deal of the time was spent with me getting into all different positions to support her body in some way. I started kicking my shoes off to get into these positions… sometimes down on the floor, hopping along next to her to support a knee or up on a plinth. Before long, Friday afternoons were called the ‘Barefoot Clinic’.

In all the time Karen and I worked together, she never got frustrated. She was always smiling, always working hard and never ever giving up. She was accompanied to her appointments by her lovely husband ,Jason, and the two of them absolutely made my Friday something to look forward to. So when I decided to open a clinic, ‘Barefoot Physiotherapy’ was the obvious choice.

Over time the name Barefoot has become more than kicking our shoes off. It encompasses everything this clinic is: holistic, friendly, client focussed, resort-like, an oasis. We actually call what we do “Living a barefoot lifestyle.”


Why the tagline “physio with a difference”?

Because that’s what we are.

“We are committed to getting your body to allow you to do what you want, meaning it’s relaxed in the down times, it’s ready to go in the fun times and it’s not holding you back.”

Barefoot Physiotherapy prides itself on excellence in client management, specialising in physio with a difference. This means that you get the results you want through working with highly qualified and professional physiotherapists who truly care enough to help you get your body feeling like it is on holidays… every day.

We get it… we’ve been there

From personal experience, both Sal and Cherelle understand the impact of injury to the body and the flow-on effect to the mind, emotions and work-life balance. This understanding is paramount to the standard of care at Barefoot, as they have been there. “The sleepless nights, the missed social events, the feeling of not knowing if you’re going to make it through a work day and the frustration of not knowing how you’re going to get back to doing what you love…. We can help you through it.”

Our goal is to help as many people as possible do what they want with their bodies and live THEIR Barefoot Lifestyle.