Travel tips – Part 2

You are in another country, you are tired & hungry, all of your clothes need to be washed and cameras/phones need charge. This situation happens most holidays and it’s great to be prepared for this. Learning how to pack smart can avoid those ‘hangry’ moments and keep you and your travel companions loving life (& each other!)

  1. Pack a power board!
  • Everyone needs to charge their phone and camera but we only have one travel adaptor… Plug the power board into the travel adaptor and everyone is happy! YAY!

Barefoot travel tips

  1. Pegless line & washing powder
  • Whether you are camping, in a hostel or in a hotel – hang your pegless line between two trees, between bunk beds or in the bathroom and dry those freshly washed socks & jocks! Saves plugging coins into the dryer and you sitting around the machine making sure no-one steals your stuff!
  • You can get stung for washing powder at your accommodation so if you have your own supply, you can be hand washing a few things in the sink or bath tub giving you more time to get out there and explore (just make sure airport security knows it’s washing powder!).
Barefoot travel tips

Barefoot travel tips

  1. Travel Space Bags
  • Going somewhere freezing cold then somewhere really hot these holidays? Think about getting a travel space bag. It’s similar to a vacuum seal bag but you just push the air out. Keep the clothes you aren’t using in there until you need them. Saves space and gives you quite the arm workout!

Barefoot travel tips


Happy holidays! And safe travels!


Travel tips – Part 1

Hands up if you are a last minute bag-packer when it comes to holidays! Racing around at midnight the night before you leave? Coming home from holidays realising you packed way too much? Rubbing your neck & shoulder because you slept funny on the plane/bus/train? If any of this sounds familiar, I’ve got some tips for you. I have a “good packing for holidays” list on my phone that I always refer to before I jet set and I’m going to share some ideas with you over a few blog posts before the Christmas break.

  1. Always pack a sarong.

Wearing it may be “so-wrong” but there are many other uses!

Physio travel tips

  • Waiting at the airport and tired of sitting? You won’t find me laying on the airport floors! I lay out my sarong on the ground, lie on it and do my releases or read a book
  • Use it as a blanket on the plane if the air con is too cold
  • Roll it up to support your back or neck on the plane/train/bus
  • Need a table cloth or picnic rug on your holidays..?
  • If you forget your towel, use the sarong!
  • Visiting a church in Europe in the middle of summer but you need to cover up your shoulders or legs? …use the sarong!
  • Use it as a scarf to stay warm at night
  • Tie it to trees to make a shade cloth or use it as a windscreen shade if you are driving a car
  1. Always pack your releasing ball or bakballs

Think about it – you are sleeping in different beds with different pillows. You are sitting on transport or standing in a cue for much longer than you’d actually like. You are walking, walking, walking to explore a new city. You might be carrying a handbag that is too heavy. Remember to look after yourself while you are away from home (& your physio!).

Physio travel tips

Use a ball to massage your tired muscles! You don’t have to miss out on the fun either – you can do your releases in the down times:

  • On the plane, walk up to the end and lean on the ball against the walls. Do your shoulders, neck, back and glutes. Staying active on the plane is a good way to get the blood pumping!
  • Sitting in your plane/train/bus/car seat you can place the ball under your thigh to massage your hamstrings & under your foot to massage the plantarfascia.
  • For more ideas, see this link:
  1. Use a backpack or a SMALL shoulder bag. I also take a roll-up bag too.

Heavy one shoulder bags are a recipe for a stiff neck. Minimise what you carry if you can and even out the load. By taking a roll up bag you are also helping the environment instead of using plastic bags.

  • Use it as a grocery bag (when you are getting things on the way home after a long day out and about)
  • Use it as a beach bag for towels, suncream etc

Buying unexpected souvenirs? Put them in your compact bag

Physio travel tips

Stayed tuned for Part 2!


How to keep your Dentist and Physio happy!

I have been brushing my teeth morning and night since I was a child. The purpose of this was to make sure that when I saw the dentist for my check-up he would tell me my teeth are good and I don’t need any fillings. I am proud to say that 30 years later I am still filling-free!

physio toothbrush

So, then I thought – I need to do my muscle releases everyday (and maybe twice a day) to ensure that when I see my Physio for a tune-up they will tell me that my body is testing well and I don’t need any extra work. And since I have been doing my muscle releases everyday, this has been the case! (And the time in between my ‘tune-ups’ has been spaced out every session).

Calf self massage

So I wanted to share with you some ways that I have been able to fit my muscle releases into my everyday life…

  • Watching tv (that’s right – roll around on the ball/roller on the ground in the lounge room)
  • Whilst on the phone (put the ball against the wall and roll my shoulders whilst talking)
  • Waiting for the kettle to boil (easy 2 mins right there!)
  • Waiting for the toast to cook or microwave to heat lunch (easy 2-5min right there as well!)
  • Sitting at the movies/on the bus/ in the car (as a passenger) – placing the ball under my foot or under my thigh to release my hamstrings
  • In my lunchbreak
  • Talking to my housemates at home
  • Wake up 10mins earlier than normal/go to bed 10min later than normal
  • At the airport terminal waiting for a plane (& on the plane!)
  • Before my PT or Gym session (get there 10min early – do releases!)
  • Getting a massage (is this cheating? Definitely not!)

Shoulder self massage

Of course this means I carry my releasing ball with me in my handbag everywhere I go and I absolutely freak out if it’s not in there (as one may do if they forget their tooth brush on a holiday). Lucky toothbrushes are easy to buy from the shop though…